To see in Boa Vista

  • Santa Monica Beach

    Praia de Santa Mónica, Cape Verde .

    Famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, Boa Vista is home to one of Africa's most beautiful beaches: Santa Monica Beach. Located to the south-west and more than 22 km long, it is the ideal destination for excursions and to enjoy Cape Verde in total relax while admiring the turquoise and crystal clear sea.

  • Deserto de Viana

    Deserto de Viana, Cape Verde .

    In the north-western part of the island stretches a real desert, just one kilometer wide and five kilometers long. The Viana Desert is an extension of the Sahara and is characterized by fine and white sand. You can cross it on foot in complete connection with nature and without any danger. Under the moonlight the show is guaranteed: the naturally lit desert will make the atmosphere unique and unforgettable.


  • Cabo Santa Maria

    Cabo Santa Maria, Cape Verde .

    In 1968 the ship Santa Maria sank on the beach of Boa Esperança, on the island of Boa Vista. This wreck is the subject of mysteries and legends, some say that the ship sank because the captain fell asleep, others tell of electromagnetic fields that drove the compass crazy and consequently diverted the trajectory of the ship.

    Today the beach offers an evocative image that attracts tourists, photographers and painters becoming one of the greatest tourist attractions of the island.

  • Morro Negro Lighthouse, Boa Vista, Capo Verde

    Morro Negro Lighthouse, Boa Vista, Cape Verde .

    It is the highest lighthouse in Cape Verde and was used to orient sailors approaching east of Cape Verde. Now it is not working, but still allows you to appreciate a breathtaking view.


  • Odjo do Mar

    Ojo Do Mar, Cape Verde .

    Odjo do Mar is a natural basin that is formed thanks to the autumn rains. It is a small corner of paradise, the pearl of the island, which attracts tourists and Cape Verdeans to spend relaxing day to swim and dive in this small lake.

  • Sal Rei

    Sal Rei, Cape Verde .

    The chief town of the island of Boavista Sal Rei is a town in which the activity of the country is carried out. Here you will find restaurants, excursions and much more to brighten up your holiday.

  • Praia Estoril

    praia de estoril .

    Praia Estoril is one of Boavista's equipped beaches where you can relax comfortably while sipping a good mojito. You will find modern beach clubs, restaurants and chiringuitos directly on the beach. Among these, the Tortuga and the Bahia Beach, where you can enjoy excellent dishes and enjoy beautiful moments of relaxation. There are several kite and Wind surf schools that populate the beach where you can attend courses or rent the necessary equipment.

  • Mercado municipal

    Mercado Municipal, Sal Rei, Cape Verde .

    The largest fruit and vegetable market on the island, a supply point for local people in the center of the Sal Rei square. Here you can buy fresh and tasty products and immerse yourself in the beautiful Cape Verdean atmosphere with the locals. Bananas, pineapples, papaya with a warm and tasty flavor but also vegetables and vegetables.

  • Rabil

    Rabil, Cape Verde .

    Rabil is a small town rich in history and tradition. Here you can experience the typical Cape Verdean atmosphere by chatting with the locals and walking through the streets of the village. To remember are the handmade products in terracotta that you can buy in the laboratory-school, present in this small town.

  • Morro de Areia

    Morro de Areia Nature Reserve, Cape Verde .

    Morro de Areia is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Boa Vista, it is also a Nature Reserve, home to five species of turtles during the breeding season. Ideal for long and peaceful walks, on this beach you can photograph the rocky spurs on which the waves of the ocean break. It is easily accessible by quad or pick up.



  • Varandinha

    Varandinha, Cape Verde .

    Varandinha is one of the most popular destinations in Boa Vista, famous for its cliffs overlooking the sea and the famous cave from which you can admire and photograph, at low tide, the landscape outside. It can be reached by pick up or quad and it is recommended to book a trip to discover the wonders of the beach accompanied by an experienced guide.

  • Iléu de Sal Rei

    Sal Rei Islet, Cape Verde .

    Ilhéu de Sal Rei is an uninhabited islet near Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde located 1 km (0.6 miles) southwest of the island capital Sal Rei. Its area is 89 ha (0.34 sq mi)[1] and its highest point is 27 m (88.6 ft)

    The islet has exposed basaltic and limestone rock, and there are sandy beaches in sheltered areas. The entire islet is a natural monument.[2] The headland Ponta de Escuma is the islet's westernmost point. A narrow strait to its northeast separates it from Boa Vista island by 500 to 600 meters. On the southern tip of the island, the ruined Portuguese fort Duque de Bragança is situated.